Kaduna Youth Agenda – Media Engagement

Earlier this Week!
Venatius Asogo was a radio guest on the Waka Waka radio show presented by Emmak to discuss the Kaduna Youth Agenda on Invicta 98.9 FM Kaduna. The discussion was focused on the topic ” Young People Engagement in Strengthening Accountability in Governance in Post 2019 Elections”

Now the elections are over and attention has shifted to governance. The political players have to fulfil all the commitments they made to the electorates during the electioneering. The electorates especially the young people, our immediate constituency on their own part must begin to demand accountability from our elected representatives in the social contract we signed with them through our votes during the 2019 elections.

In the cause of the program, the importance of youth participation in the governance process by demanding accountability from their elected representatives was delved upon. Stressing that post-2019 accountability mechanism will provide a platform for meaningful participation of young people in governance, strengthen implementation, improve outcomes and fulfil the right of young people to participate in shaping and monitoring decisions that affect them. Accountability will also help to determine how policy or service delivery can be improved or adjusted to make it more effective, effective accountability can strengthen and sustain policy efforts and lead to an improvement in outcomes.

As young people, we must take advantage of every platform and opportunity available to us for effective engagement and participation in the governance process to influence development and policies that directly affect us and our communities. We must actively participate in the process to benefit from the system and not allow our future to be decided by people who do not properly understand the needs of young people, we must also shape our future by ourselves as no one would do that for us.

The feedback from various callers on the show was very impressive and encouraging as they expressed willingness and support for the success of the Kaduna Youth Agenda campaign stressing the importance of the platform to amplify the voices of young people in demanding for accountability from the government as it wouldn’t have come at any better time than now.

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