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Please tune in to Wakawaka radio show on Invicta 98.9FM Kaduna tomorrow morning by 7 – 8 am as Asogo Venantius Torkuma and Mrs Julia Ibrahim discuss the Kaduna Youth Agenda. The discussion tomorrow will focus on the topic ” Budget Tracking; Youth Participation in the Budgeting Process for Inclusion”

The annual Budget of a government – a public proclamation by the State of its projected and actual expenditures – provides vital evidence of where a State sets its priorities – whether on the poor and marginalised people or not.

The state’s current budget processes reveal that citizens have no understanding of what the State is committing itself to in its policy declarations and what it actually does in its budgetary allocations. The extremely complicated, technical and esoteric nature of the budget-making process and documents does not allow citizens to participate, to have any say in it or to monitor the process.

For any country or state, budgets are extremely important as they act as instruments for implementing the provisions in the international, regional and national conventions, leading to achieving the promotion of the welfare of young people.

Better outcomes in any sector, for instance, in education, health, agriculture, job creation and peacebuilding depend not just on allocations, but also on actual execution and proper use of those allocations.

The execution and proper use of budgeted funds can be improved through social accountability and it is pertinent to note that the youth must rise up and own this process for proper inclusion of their needs. As young people, we must continue to engage the government and actively participate in the process to benefit from the system.

You can participate via these platforms:
+234 08040000989
+234 809 799 1989
Twitter: @oneprojectafrik
Facebook: one-projectafrika


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