Good Governance is Our Collective Responsibility as Young People

Earlier within the week, One Project Afrika attended the launch of the 2018 Budget Transparency Index for the Nigerian States. A survey was conducted by Civic Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDOCC) Enugu, in partnership with Connecting Gender Kaduna with support from DFID to ascertain the level of citizens engagement in the budgeting process in all the 36 states of Nigeria and findings showed we still have a long way to go.

Also within the week, One Project Afrika played host to 35 representatives from the Borno state and Local Government who were on a learning visit to Kaduna State to share knowledge on strong ideas of good practices for participatory governance to consider what might work in Borno in the future, the visit was supported by Mercy Corps. One Project Afrika was privileged to share its experiences around best practices for participatory governance. We took them through the importance of advocacy, power mapping, community mobilizing, leveraging on existing structures, youth and women inclusion and capacity building.

The discussion on the youth agenda radio hour focused on ‘Social Accountability, holding government accountable; the role of young people’. There is a need for young people to grab every opportunity available to them to ensure accountability and transparency in governance. Especially now that the civic space is shrinking, the most effective tool available to young people is to participate in processes.

A quick take home, engagement with government is a continuous process and not a one-off thing, therefore, we must continue to engage the government at all times.